Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wip Update

Okay I have been so busy crafting that I have forgotten to update my blog. So sorry about that. I have been trying to get a few things finished for January and I cant believe the month is nearly over. Here are a few pics of my finishes.

First is a finish for the crazy challenge. This is a Christmas card and one of many I hope to do over the year. I have a few photo insert cards that Im using for this purpose, just need to decide what finishing touches I might add to the card or maybe leave it at that.

Another crazy challenge finish, here is a pic of the first block for the Ackworth Friendship book. Im using 28ct linen and dmc floss 4140. My friends Sherri and Donna are doing this project with me so Im putting their initials on the blocks.

Finally here is a square I crocheted for my friend in the states, she is making a comfortghan for her nieces children and I thought I would help with a square or two. Going to make another one tonight I hope.

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