Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday at Mum and Dads Place

I went to Mum and Dad's place today, we always do lots of chatting and sometimes we do some crafting. Mum is into Latch hook at the moment and found some nice kits on ebay to buy. My Mum has made the Macaw and the Lion and they are just gorgeous. Then I had an idea, how cool would they look as a cross stitch. I can just see the Lion on black aida and the Macaw well that would be just awesome to do. I got the graph and the code sheet from Mum and I will be going to get my dmc floss and then I will have two more projects to do.

Here are the pics of Mum's latch hooks.

Oh and I also had some canvas and Dad has plenty of rug yarn and so Im now going to do a Quaker January Cross stitch as a latch hook.

So stay tuned for the Cross stitch that becomes a latch hook and two latch hooks that become a cross stitch, confused. LOL


Gracey is not my name.... said...


Sherri said...

Mum's projects are terrific! Can't wait to see yours.

shakatak66 said...

Your Mum's latch hooking is awesome - especially adore the Macaw :D