Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 12 and 13 January Challenge

Day 12, I started the floral sampler, this is really the only flower one I have and it was a nice change from cats. I spent the night working on it while watching double episode of Law and Order SVU. Its nice to have something in the background to keep you entertained while you XS dont you think. Here is the photo of my progress.

Day 13 and it was supposed to be the Cats stamped cross stitch kit but boy I dont like the stamped part at all. I couldnt get my stitches to look the same and it just didnt flow quickly if that makes sense. So I decided to not go ahead with it, I knew I would never finish it. Best to either do the kit another way or gift it to someone that likes this sort of thing. So i had to scramble for another project and of course I dont have a lot of new kits and charts laying around but I did buy the Baby Galah kit last week which is so cute so I have started that one. Alas I have only done a few stitches so I might do a bit more on it today and then add a photo in here and thats if I remember how to add a photo after the post has been done.

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