Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 14 and 15 Crazy Challenge

Day 14 and I got to start a floss tag. Easy peasy project I say.. lol I couldnt find a pattern that would fit the tag but I went to my friends site and decided on the ATW as a cross stitch pattern. I have done this pattern in crochet squares that we call saltines and I just love it so deciding to do it in cross stitch was just fantastic. Im nearly done with it just have to finish the ATW and do the borders so I can sew it together, wow I might get a finish. I wonder what that is LOL....

Day 15 wow the last day, can you believe that, I cant. I dont want it to end LOL. Hey lets do this again soon, what do you all say to that. ITs a yes thats fantastic. Any way my final project is a Easter banner, I have this idea to have table that reflects the months we are in so say Valentines day, Easter, Halloween, Xmas to name a few so I thought a Easter Banner would look great wrapped around a basket full of easter eggs. My friend Sherri found a great bunnies cross stitch for me to use and I have started this with the words Happy Easter. I hear ya its only January hello Easter is months away but you know it will be here before you can say Hot Cross Bun... So here is my pic of the banner Im afraid it doesnt show much at the moment.

So now what to do. Its all over rover, I guess its time to revisit all those wips and do some more work. I will continue with the floss tag I think as thats pretty close to finishing.

I hope everyone else that went in the Crazy January Challenge completed it and had as much fun as I did. I look forward to seeing all your projects develop into a finish.

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