Sunday, February 27, 2011

A visit from a Koala

Every week or two we get a visit from a Koala, he sits in the same Claret Ash tree and has a nap then in the late arvo he goes up higher into the manor gum trees next to the Claret Ash tree for a feed and then waits till nightfall and moves on. In this case he left that afternoon and you know we never saw him go. Come to think of it we never saw him arrive either. They are so cute and cuddly you just want to hug them but keep in mind those huge claws they have and you tend you keep your distance. He is not frightened at all and in the past we have given Koalas bowls of water, as you can see from the photo on my blog.

A few Finishes

Wow its been a week since I posted. I have been very busy trying to get some finishes for the month.

First up is my Easter Banner, yay I have finished it early normally Im desperately trying to finish it the night before.

Do you like my beanie kid, its Fluffy the bunny and he has a new home for awhile in the Easter basket and he will go onto my Easter Table. I will fill up the basket with yummy easter eggs. Love easter egg chocolate.

Second is my October Quaker, as you know Im doing all 12 of them. Started with September and going from there, yeah I know it was a weird place to start but I wanted to do them in the month that it was. Ok so now its February and Im behind LOL. I will catch up somehow. No its not the light Im using dmc floss that is varigated, just love how it looks on these.

Finally here is my first mouse pad called Busy cat, I have to say I loved working with vinyl canvas.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Christmas Card

Here is my second Christmas Cross stitch card.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Phew I finally finished this one. It was taking forever and its now February and I have to make a start on 2 Turtle doves. I love how this is looking even if I do say so myself. LOL This is Jim Shores 12 Days of Christmas and I hope to get one done per month and finish them off in time for Christmas 2011.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crochet a Rainbow Update

I have been busy crocheting lots of 5 row granny squares for the Crochet a Rainbow. Queensland have been hard hit with floods and its the least I can do. I hope to get more done on the weekend.

TUSAL February Update

Here is my progress so far, I have done lots of stitching this past month, I have really enjoyed it. You know the only worry I have had is that someone will take my jug and think it needs emptying and washing.