Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4 January Challenge

Day 4 and I got to start my favorite on the list, the Sleigh Ride in the dusk Christmas stocking. It started out really well, I got all the floss out and inspected the chart and then worked out where I needed to start on the fabric so I could start at the bottom. Well no one told me that Dimension kits are hard. The chart is in color and hard to read and you have to do lots of half stitches and most of the time with 3 to 4 threads of different colors. Im deflated I tell you. I had started it and done a bit, not worth a photo yet though. Im wondering whether to redo it and just use two threads and do whole cross stitches but that might change the look of it. What I will do is go to the stationery shop and photocopy the chart 3 times bigger so I can see where Im supposed to be going. Sitting there with a magnifying glass like sherlock holmes just to read the symbols is just plain stupid.

Im now dreading the Majestic Peacock which is on the list as well as its also a Dimensions kit. Although this one was gifted to me, please remind me never to buy a Dimensions kit again.


shakatak66 said...

I understand your feelings - I've got one of those dratted kits on my list too (thankfully only a small one, though) - I blew mine up on the colour photocopier at the local office supplies so I could read the chart more easily ... it's a right royal PITA! Hopefully you'll adjust soon, and you'll find the stitching easy going once you get into a rhythm :)

Sherri said...

Enlarging the chart sounds like a plan. You can do it!